The city of my birth in 1944

a lot goes on in a life

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early life

a selection of photos throughout the life...especially childhood

building projects

many private building projects since coming to Scandinavia for our home and my wife's art. I was 'byggmaster' for all of them and even the 'byggansvarlig' for the latest project.All the building are designed by my wife and myself.

the singing

some videos of my singing,something I have always done but only in later years for public performances

the poetry and writings

Started writing poetry when I was 8, I remember it was a poem about spring...and they put it up on the school noticeboard..I have only submitted works for publication on 2 occasions....The World Book of Poets 1970.....and a poem recorded at the request of the News TV channel,ITV, to lead their tributes to Lady Diana in 1997 

the cars

It used to be said you knew a man when you saw his library,what books he read. Maybe it's something similar when you look at what cars he owned

places I have lived

England,Norway and Sweden

Codex Candidus00023

Codex Candidus

are a series of thoughts about life that some people have asked me to post referring to them as 'words of wisdom'
The term Codex is applied to infer an ancient writing since such thoughts are archetypes of the subconcious, 'genetic' concepts throughout the progress of humanity.
Candidus has latin origins and can mean 'candid' frank,straightforward but also has the meanings of shining bright,beautiful

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