The city of my birth in 1944

a lot goes on in a life

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early life

a selection of photos throughout the life...especially childhood

building projects

many private building projects since coming to Scandinavia for our home and my wife's art. I was 'byggmaster' for all of them and even the 'byggansvarlig' for the latest project.All the building are designed by my wife and myself.

the singing

some videos of my singing,something I have always done but only in later years for public performances

the poetry and writings

Started writing poetry when I was 8, I remember it was a poem about spring...and they put it up on the school noticeboard..I have only submitted works for publication on 2 occasions....The World Book of Poets 1970.....and a poem recorded at the request of the News TV channel,ITV, to lead their tributes to Lady Diana in 1997 

the cars

It used to be said you knew a man when you saw his library,what books he read. Maybe it's something similar when you look at what cars he owned

places I have lived

England,Norway and Sweden


thanks for visiting.

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