The singing me

I've always enjoyed singing...but like most people,never so public.I started performing to the general public in 2016 at some local venues.

Here's some examples

'And I love you so'
The Don McLean song - live performance at Cafeteatret,Oslo. A Capella.

'Proud Mary'
by John Fogerty and Creedance Clearwater Revival 

'Camilla Sharmila'
a bit of fun with the urban dictionary and some 'techno' sounds...just a sample..initial recording of a new song with registered copywright exclusive to the songwriter Geoff Groom 

The 1st two songs I wrote

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Finding Missing

Missing is something to honour. Finding that I miss someone is something to celebrate.
It's the story of leaving my country for the first time and finding love - a love that has so far lasted over 30 years .
Lyrics: Geoff groom  composer: Kirsten Puer 

Being Me

This song was literally composed as it was sung and this is the first recording of that. It's the story of childhood and the delicate balance between allowing a child to be free  or protecting the child

more performances

'In this heart'

Sinead O'Connor's beautiful song!

'Not Fade Away'

by Buddy Holly (a.k.a Charles Hardin) and Norman Petty.

'Sing me back home'

Merle Haggard's song draws on his experiences in San Quentin

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